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Wisconsin Aviation Academy   4746 S. Columbia Dr. Janesville,Wi 53546   7:30 PM  2nd Wed of every month.

March: For those who may be interested I have recieved approach information for this years Fun-N-Sun in Lakeland,Fla. In the form of a VHS Tape and some booklets, I will bring them to the meeting in Palmyra. (Phil)

visit EAA Chapter 1177 at Palmyra on March 19th. Guest speaker Tom Carr has agreed to appear and start a program at 7:30 or 7:45.  EAA Chap60 meet at 7:00PM please.

Hey Phil-
I just wanted to pass a note along to you and all of our members about our possible builders fly-in in June.
I am left alittle undecided as to how this idea was perceived by the membership? I merely threw the idea out there as a suggestion. Hoping that interest would possibly be peaked regarding a program like this.
I know at times I am required to read my wife's mind, but
please take notice that I am unable to read everybody else's mind. To date, I have only had one correspondence of interest regarding such a program. I don't know which specific builders everyone would like to see. Or if this program would even be much of an interest to anyone.
Please take the time to drop me an email regarding your preferences. If there is no interest in this event, we can certainly find something else that would work out better for us.
Dan D.

How about it members, I believe Dan deserves a little cooperation and responses from the membership, don't  you ?