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Phil Owens
EAA# 61801                                                                     
Current President 2002-2004
and Webpage editor

Aircraft: Zenith CH-801 ( under construction)

My CH-801 Project as of 3-16-02 at about 728 hrs of construction, wings and tail sections are done, working on installation of fuel lines inside airframe and related covers. Controls already installed. This aircraft will use the new Jabiru 6000, 200HP, 8Cyl engine.

  airframe                 Bottom

    Brake Cyl            Elec Flap motor

Control tube tunnel   Firewall

 Mains                        Bottom Joint

 Wing Root Fuel lines    Parts paint

Door in place                    Door installed w/map pocket

Empannage 1st mount    Empannage w/paint

Upper door trim                Fuel lines at root

Inst panel preliminary     Inst panel W/O engine  guages