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Current Newsletter

EAA Chapter 60
Beloit-Janesville Chapter
MEETING MINUTES February 12, 2003
This month only new meeting place and time
Palmyra airport March 19, 2003

Meeting called to order by President Owens at 7:45 PM.
Officers present: Absent:
President: Phil Owens Co-treasurers Ken Brooks & Ed Titcomb
Vice President: Ben Nelson
Secretary: Gayle Heggie
25 members in attendance

Treasurers report given by Pres. Owens as prepared by Co-treasurers.
Our account was transferred from Parker Community Credit to First
National Bank and Trust in Roscoe, Illinois on 1-11-03. Total deposit
$6693.14. Debits in January were $232.12. Credits $10.00.
Current balance as of February 12, 2003.
Checking - - - - - - - - - - - - - - $1461.02
Cert. of Deposit - - - - - - - - - 5000.00
Cash - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 10.00
Total Assets - - $6471.02
In compliance with Wisconsin tax laws, Chapter 60 is now
recorded as a non-profit organization.
Motions carried to accept Treasurers report as read by Pres. Owens.
Secretary Heggie read minutes of January 8, 2003 meeting. Motions carried to accept as read.

1) Chapter files do not contain copies of incorporation documents.
Attempt will be made by members to locate. It may be necessary to
obtain them from state or county sources.
2) Graham Smith presented $420 check as payment to Chapter for
participation at WAA Air Show in September 2003.

1) Duesterbeck proposes alternate program to visiting locations of
home-builder projects. Suggestion is to have Chapter sponsored
home-built fly-in at Brodhead this June with a same day picnic.
Invitations would be extended to area EAA Chapters to gather at
Brodhead for a display of their home-builts. Brodhead Chapter 431
has given preliminary agreement to the plan. Firm response to be
given to Duesterbeck at next meeting. Tentative date is second
Saturday in June.

2) Pres. Owens looking for definite answer on request for available
pilots/planes for Young Eagle flights at Janesville.

3) Pres. Owens introduced Ultra light builder Dave who seeks advice on
riveting. Dave presented sample of his work to discuss problems.

4) March meeting change in time and place. Next Chapter meeting will
be 7:00PM March 19th at Palmyra Airport. We will have short
meeting followed with presentation by guest speaker Tom Carr. This
will be a joint session of Chapter 60 and Palmyra Chapter 1177.

5) Pres. Owens requesting unpaid members to pay $10.00 2003 dues.

6) Question to Pres. Owens. Is WAA building being sold? Answer is
unknown at this time. Tom Morgan has advised Phil Owens that
WAA will always be at some location on Janesville Airport and will
continue to provide space for Chapter 60 activities.

8:15PM. Motions carried to adjourn.
Submitted by: Gayle Heggie, Secretary


1) Pre-meeting announcement by Pres. Owens. A GPS mini-seminar
will be held after this meeting. Two representatives from a Rockford
Avionics firm will give a presentation, and display several of their
GPS units.

2) Guest speak Tom Carr biography:

Tom has been with WTMJ Milwaukee radio station
since 1990 as a flying reporter for traffic and news. He was active
in early years with his father as co-owner of different planes. Tom is
instrument rated in single and multi-engine aircraft. He's also a
member of the Racine EAA chapter.
Tom is married and has 12 yr. old daughter.

Road access to Paymyra:
From North ------------County E
" East -----------State 59
" South -----------County H
" West -----------State 59
" Northwest -----State 106
Hwy 106 intersects "59" one city block West from center of town, which is
junction of "59" and "H". Airport entrance is 0.4 miles on "106" on left side of road at Northwest edge of town. Meeting takes place at second building
on right on entrance road, and can be seen from highway.
Distance from highway to meeting building is about 500 feet.

A lot of good things are happening this year with Chapter 60. last months program was a double header with GPS program from Rockford and riveting by ex Ė Blackhawk Tec aviation instructor Graham Smith. Both where extremely informative. If you missed these, donít miss the upcoming program at Palmyra airport. The programs are getting better and stronger each month.
 President Phil has many good people on the program committee that can offer strong programming.

 (Guest speaker Tom Carr biography)
See every one March 19th at Palmyra airport. This is one week later then our normal monthly meeting time and location.

Al Draeger

The chapter web site

Wednesday March 19, 2003
7:30 P.M.
Palmyra airport
Our organization is for people who fly, build, own,
Restore, rent, or just find airplanes fascinating.
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