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Notes from the Pres.
   Welcome  everyone to the  Beloit/Janesville EAA Chapter 60 Web Pages.  We have tried to make these pages a place where members and others will find valuable information about the chapter and flying in general.  It is our hope that these pages will encourage active participation in both the chapter and aviation.
   The Officers of your chapter are trying to provide you with the kind of activities that will make your membership enjoyable as well as valuable in your aviation activities we encourage you to contact us with suggestions that may improve our chapter or this web site.

We wish to thank Tony and Dave from The Avionics Place in Rockford for the great demonstration of the Garmin GPS system and products.

I would also like to thank Tim Stearns, Larry Steenstry, and Gene Calkins for volunteering to assist the WAA with the Young Eagles program.


Phil Owens